Formula Racing Center offers racers the opportunity to just show up and race with no advance reservations. It is first come, first serve and on our busiest days there may be a wait. The best racers use this time to study the lanes the fastest drivers are using and use that to their advantage when they hit the track. Each racer is competing for fastest lap times, so you are actually racing the clock, not each other.

Formula Racing Center offers three great options for racers. Rookie for kids 7-12, Novice for kids 13+ and adults and Pro for adults 18+. Serious racers can sign up for our exclusive Formula First Membership and receive special discounted races as well as Unlimited Racing on the day you sign up.

Reservations are available for Group Racing Only. So if you have at least Seven (7) of your friends and you’d like to race with just your group, Group Racing is just the ticket. And the shorter the wait, the more you can race, play, eat and drink!


Feel free to call 832-461-1561 for approximate wait times.

See you on the track!

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