When racecar designer Art Ingels first laid eyes on an unwanted lawn-mower motor and some scrap metal in 1956, he saw their potential. In his spare time, he assembled a racing machine that would come to be called a go-kart and that would earn fans all over the world.

Most people today remember the mass-produced go-karts that resulted from that era—clunky machines with big tires and four-stoke engines that would bounce around a vacant lot or race up and down a neighborhood street when the cops were busy retouching the red paint on the town’s stoplights.

The electric racing karts used today at such places as Formula Racing Center Houston are built in Italy and designed to hurtle around a racetrack at high speeds. Formula Racing’s karts can even accelerate to 30 mph in less than four seconds.

This massive, entertainment center is air conditioned, and has options for racers of all ages with a smaller, slower go-kart for kids ages 7–12 and a larger, faster one for teenagers and adults. Visitors careen around the air-conditioned indoor track during rookie, novice, and pro races before grabbing a snack at the Pit Stop.

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